Why not spoil your Mum this Mother's Day with our  FREE RANGE WILD CAUGHT QUEENSLAND GULF MLIVE MUDCRABS. A surprise gift from any family member for her to enjoy. So place your Orders on our website and we will be happy to dispatch these for you all around Australia. All Orders to be in by Wednesday especially to receive them also in regional areas by Friday.


So get in now and give your SPECIAL MUM A SEAFOOD DELIGHT.


Cheers to all Mum's out there from Mark and Julianne


Live Mud Crabs

Wild caught in the Queensland Gulf.

This delicacy used to be the exclusive domain of remote fishing enthusiasts or boutique seafood restaurants.

Now there's a happy medium.

Buying online from Mud Crabs Direct means live mud crabs freighted to your nearest major airport, with no middle man putting the bite on you.

Fresh premium seafood at the right price. It doesn't get any better.

Small mud crabs

Small Mud Crab Size 600-800g

Ideal entree choice for catering small banquets.

Medium mud crabs

Medium Mud Crab Size

Very popular with foodies for dinner parties.

Large mud crabs

Large Mud Crab Size

Typically the choice of seafood restaurants.

Mud crab recipes

Mud Crab marinated in White WIne

View full recipe here »

We're experts at cooking mud crabs. Here are some more popular recipes to help make the most of your produce:

Asian Style Salt & Pepper Mud Crab
Chilli Mud Crabs
Pan-Fried Whole Mud Crab With Chilli Paste

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