Hi to everyone,  we were fortunate to be asked to do an Episode on Mud Crabbing here in Karumba situated in the Queensland Gulf Country with Andrew ET Ettingshausen for the Discovey Channel and Foxtel.  This Series called SALTWATER HEROES was made up of 4 Episodes including Northern Territory, Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia. We were totally surprised when approached and asked by the Crew to do an segment on us here in Karumba. This came about when the Discovery Team were looking for a Queensland Commercial Mud Crabber, so through our fellow Commercial Fishers here in Queensland, nominated us to be a part of this wonderful production. Andrew - ET wanted to discover what it takes to make it as a Commercial Mud Crabber, along with getting dirty, as many of you know we don't look clean in this job by the end of the day. The day went well with our New Deckie,( whom we would have back anyday), and as there just wasn't enough time in the day to do and show more of this wonderful backyard, we call the Queensland Gulf of Carpentaria. Maybe another day Hey ET!!

So to all our Friends in and out of this Fishery be sure to have a look at this Wonderful Series: SALTWATER HEROES. We are in Episode No 3 along with our other Queensland Commercial Fisher Professionals.


Mark & Julianne

Reading between lines on proposal to scrap crab ban

Source: Darren Cartwright | Brisbane Times | 23 October 2011

A Queensland government proposal to end a 120-year ban on recreational anglers taking female mudcrabs is a vote-fishing exercise, an industry body says. The Fisheries Minister, Craig Wallace, asked yesterday for feedback from recreational anglers on overturning a harvesting ban on female mudcrabs from Queensland waters.

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Some Thoughts on Mud Crabs

Source: John Mondora | Go Fishing | December 2009

There could be a better eating seafood (I said seafood, not crab), but I haven’t found it yet. Fresh boiled mud crab, washed in the sea and eaten on a beach, and washed down with an icy bottle of Evans and Tate Margaret River Classic White is what I hope my last meal in this world will be.

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